Caramel Candy Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This sweet and heady treat has been growing at the kola bear farm for awhile now after being gifted by a fellow 541-Crew friend. Expect a smooth and rich smoke laced with hints of Vanilla and burned sugar with traces of coffee and toffee with that classic old school OG finish. Caramel Candy Kush is a great strain for chilling out and watching a movie or unwinding after a long day while your aches and pains fade away.”

  • “(wish I can go 4.5 stars on this one)...anyway...smooth and silky smoke...wonderful flavors of berry; coffee; and caramel that's juuuust a bit on the crispy side...I've had this strain via Theraplant's Suchinose, anywhere from 10% ThC to over 25%...Suchinose 2, the latest medicinal batch of this lovely and snow covered buds was nearly 26% and I have to say, this baby doesn't move until > 20% and is WEEEEELLL worth yo...”

  • “I got super ripped off of my first hit. I honestly couldn't feel my face after the second bong rip. It's maintaining that feeling as well, so I've been stretching it out between bowls of lesser stuff so I can enjoy it for as long as I can.”

  • “Amazing taste, strong muscle relaxation, strangely distinct buzzy head high, good for ADHD”

  • “This concentrate offers amazing relief from chronic pain and the muscle spasms that come along with it. CCK concentrate literally tastes like caramel candy when vaped! As a well seasoned medical user I can also say this strain has a great recreational value. Def closer to an indica than a hybrid. So prepare to sit back and relax! For sure an all time favorite :D”

  • “The wonderful taste, smooth exhale and immediate effects of this strain are amazing. As a medical patient, I appreciate the pain relief and reduction of stress that it brings to the table. Heavy hitter that is well worth trying.”

  • “Keeps me happy and chill without knocking me out”

  • “Wonderfull frosty Cola. Smell and taste great caramelo finish. Weird buzz feel relax but wake not bake. Great one!”