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Caramelicious Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “First strain i ever had. The best experience ever. I was so happy and I wasnt worried about anything (helped with my anxiety) and it tasted incredible. This herb will always be my favorite strain and hold a special place in my jar/heart.”

  • “If you have not tried this strain. Maybe you think its too low priced to be good. You would be wrong. I love this stuff for this price is the best deal in town.”

  • “Excellent high, it's perfect for daytime and also wake and bake. Recomendable.”

  • “Very tasty Indica. Beautiful smell that was a mix of maple and coffee. I wake and baked with a joint and a cup of coffee and it was the perfect way to start my day off.”

  • “He don stick in the mouth he stick in the brains ahah and its too good”

  • “I have heard of this strain for quite awhile. I saw it in town for a good deal. Figured I woild finally give it a try. The flowers are nice litte green buds, trim job was not the best though. The smell wasn't quite there at first, after a few days in the jar she smelled much sweeter. The smoke is a little harsh on inhale but smoothed out on exhale with a sweet note on yhe tounge. The high was ok, a little uplifting. ...”

  • “This strain is fairly easy to grow. Sometimes takes a while to root, even with ideal conditions, but takes right off once it finds it's feet. Not an overly odoriferous plant in veg.”

  • “Buds were nice and crystaly. smells like sweet cannula with a hint of caramel. very focused, happy, and creative high. good for controlling ADHD”