Caramelicious Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “First strain i ever had. The best experience ever. I was so happy and I wasnt worried about anything (helped with my anxiety) and it tasted incredible. This herb will always be my favorite strain and hold a special place in my jar/heart.”

  • “Very tasty Indica. Beautiful smell that was a mix of maple and coffee. I wake and baked with a joint and a cup of coffee and it was the perfect way to start my day off.”

  • “If you have not tried this strain. Maybe you think its too low priced to be good. You would be wrong. I love this stuff for this price is the best deal in town.”

  • “Excellent high, it's perfect for daytime and also wake and bake. Recomendable.”

  • “He don stick in the mouth he stick in the brains ahah and its too good”

  • “Caramelicious has an amazing taste, really does taste like Sweet Caramel. Great smoke for relaxing but not totally knocking you out. Doesn't smell like it tastes, smells kinda sour, but then once you smoke it and taste it, then smell it again, it does kind of smell like the taste. A very nice smoke. Going in my top 10.”

  • “This strain is fairly easy to grow. Sometimes takes a while to root, even with ideal conditions, but takes right off once it finds it's feet. Not an overly odoriferous plant in veg.”

  • “A nice, happy high that softens the edges. My go-to strain when I want something relaxing and uplifting but not too potent.”