Carpet Tape Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “There is honestly nothing for me to say negative about Carpet Tape itself. The buds are perfect to look at with a fluffy look yet dense feeling when breaking apart. Reminds me of chalk or astronaut ice cream in texture that just crumbles into perfect bud for joints, pipes, or bongs. An all around kind of herb that I imagine is also a tasty concentrate. May a joint be suggested with this flower at least once becau...”

  • “I'm a seasoned stoner, and have had difficulty recently getting really stoned. I mean the puffy dry eyes, feeling stuck, just reach the baked level. As a cross of GG4 and Rugburn OG, you really getting the GG4 effects. Find it and you'll be happy you did!”

  • “Carpet Tape is definitely a strain that I enjoy before bed if I want to sleep like a rock all through the night. It gave me a very heavy body and head high. It also gave me a wicked case of the munchies! I rate Carpet Tape at a 4.”

  • “Awesome strain with a kick! I'm a 20yr+ toker and it takes a lot from flower but this one will give you a ringer! The cut I had of this strain was very Indica leaning which I love! Bright green crystalized buds with a very strong skunk glue gas smell. The taste was very earthy with a twinge of glue. Highley recommend this strain if you see it!”