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There is honestly nothing for me to say negative about Carpet Tape itself. The buds are perfect to look at with a fluffy look yet dense feeling when breaking apart. Reminds me of chalk or astronaut ice cream in texture that just crumbles into perfect bud for joints, pipes, or bongs. An all around kind of herb that I imagine is also a tasty concentrate. May a joint be suggested with this flower at least once because the terpenes seem to build up to a powerhouse of very unique flavors more on the deeper gassy coffee-esque vibe. Anything but hyper though because the buzz can be adjusted anywhere from indica's blanket of calmness & sleep to a mellow night with friends. It is functional, but not focused with a medicating body numbness much like a muscle relaxer. Much in the arena of Obama Kush or even Jager with a splash more energy. Love the taste plus the buzz is steller with a place in the group of rare cannabis strains bought weekly. That being said there might be one thing about this strain that is a little rough. Everywhere that I have seen this is a top shelf usually costing about what a gram was on the black market. Try not to be too partial considering how many dispensaries traversed per day, but my number one shop since opening. And actually a few weeks before I took pictures of the graffiti art outside & inside so was stoked to find this sweet spot for guaranteed only heady, terpene popping cannabis at decent rates, but often steals. Like this Carpet Tape at 5 bucks a gram has me spoiled that paying over 10 although worth it is not alright with me. So paying the cost to smoke the boss is down the road, but as of now Grasslands in Eugene Oregon has me on a weekly diet. The funky flavor is superb alone or for mixing with other flower. Very strong, but once adjusting to this buzz it is a multi purpose stoned with more medicinal uses than mention-able. A must try for anyone who loves dank weed.
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Grasslands Dispensary

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