Cataract Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Super dense buds, often with some purple/grey/blue coloration, thick stems and opaque, white trichomes. Smell is classic indica - earthy and dank with an animalic note, yet there's a strong sweet/minty/spicy aspect that seems to really carry. The vapor from this one is thick, sweet and permeating. Overall, very pleasant aroma though problematic if you're trying to keep the smell down. The buzz is fairly long-lasting ...”

  • “This is some crystal covered, purple-tinted bud. The dispensary sells it as a pure indica. It has a sweet, grape-dominant flavor profile. While I consider myself a sativa-guy, I certainly appreciate a good indica for before bed or to have while kicking back with some friends. This is a strain that has a bit of a delay when it hits you, but when it does, it hits you hard. Your body slowly goes numb and at first it see...”

  • “A dreamy, happy head change that left my body stranded on the couch watching king fu movies for a while.”

  • “This shit would get Willie Nelson stoned.”

  • “Smells fucking good”

  • “this the second time i have tried cataract kush the effect have a much different quailtys this time more sativa feeling with ups and downs how ever this mud was much less dry more triclyomes on the bud to provide a more cerebral high great calm effects for anxiety”

  • “This is definitely not for beginner smokers, when i was in 7th grade i had homegrown cataract kush and me and my friends smoked it and it legit felt like Trevors "rage" mode in GTA 5 my vision was fucked up bad like everything had a higher contrast, at the same time i kept on "falling asleep" then waking backup while standing up and i had cotton mouth, although it was a bad experience i really liked this strain but t...”

  • “This was recommended to me at a dispensary outside Denver (The Highway in Downieville, CO) when I told the bud tender I wanted something Indica dominant that would relax me at night, make me happy, make me feel like my body's getting buzzed for once. I have quite a tolerance and it's been a while since I actually felt high. She suggested this hybrid instead of pure indica. She was right. I'm high again with a good b...”