CBD Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “i have been waiting to try this strain for some time. wow worth the wait. The CBD strains really help an old stoner who loves Reefer, but not the high thc strains, back in 79 i loved them, today not so much. This is a creeper with a minor head buzz, felt good from it, and would recommend to us older heads, you younglings love that crazy ass 25% thc, i cut mine on about 10% thc.Overall a strain anyone would enjoy.”

  • “This is a great strain for those who want both the pain relief of CBD and a little bit of a cerebral high from equal parts THC. First it starts off in the head, then moves down for relief. You can use this either day or night time because it will leave you feeling relaxed. A little bit of a head high but nothing that won't leave you unable to function.”

  • “My absolute favorite strain, period. Tweed grows an excellent CBD Kush, that I had to go a little too long without (sold out for months). When it comes to the shop, I stock up everytime. Great diesely sweet scent... Almost lemony/grassy vape.. The perfect high/pain relief. Would be the one strain Id pick for the rest of days.”

  • “One of the best strains available for pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects. Practically eliminates chronic pain without any brain fog or paranoia.”

  • “this strain is wasted by smoking it. it makes a killer concentrate and even better canna-oil. its great for topical application as well making edibles. this is my top recommendation for use in making rsho. if grown properly is will proved a very resinous, above average yield. its a very hardy plant to grow, pretty low maintenance and seems to be a little pest resistant.”

  • “aka Devon via Tweed 10/13, 60%I 40%S I have had 1 week with this strain so far. I do feel a head high awhile and feel some what active/ansy so I take advantage of that and do some light cleaning..then it moves more into my body and I can sit comfortably on the couch Very relaxing, helps with pain and cramps. Haven't tried it before bed yet, however after an hour in I feel like I could nap.. but not that I need to ...”

  • “Great strain after work/gym to relax the body and mind. Great before bed.”

  • “This is indeed a strain that helps immensely with feeling calm, cool and collected. No mental fogginess at all, no munchies either. My biggest complaint: it tastes like ASS! If you can get past it's nasty taste, and sticker shock ($75/gm!) as well as major cotton mouth, you'll love it for an evening of relaxing, & binge watching iyour latest fav Netflix show.”