Chairman Chem Sou Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • hi2

    “Wonderful strain to start the morning right! Fun, because you are clear headed, but very high at the same time....I like this sort of conscious shift. I had a lot of mundane tasks and wanted to feel euphoric while doing them. I would say this strain is powerfully euphoric and uplifting and isn't that why many favor sativas? I would buy this again.”

  • “in my top 5 overall hybrid rhis is amazing for day and evening use gives you energy makes you happy takes stress and pain away royal choice farms is KILLING it (:”

  • “My favorite strain. Chairmen is uplifting. Puts me in a super happy mood which gives me energy to move about. Plus it looks so fluffy and gorgeous.”

  • “I love this strain. its defently a strain for me. I love how it kills my pain but gives me the energy to get up and clean my house and actually not find it boring. it's a great wake and bake as well. keeps me alert while again taking care of my pain. by far my favorite yet.”

  • “Thought this strain was ok, not the best nose or taste but good potency.”