Charlie Sheen Reviews

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  • “HELLO! I am the Chronically Acclaimed Comic Reviewer! OHHHHH MANNNN! where do I begin with this strain? CHARLIE SHEEN AKA TIGER BLOOD, LETS START with the look. I can only describe it as a perfect looking bud, nice compact and dense, light in color with orange hairs nicely covered in beautiful trichomes. OKAY NOW lets get to the smell because even though they say you cant judge a bud on its smell, I appreciate a nice...”

  • “Definite sativa element hits you first and foremost. Things feel fast paced. Incredible out of body experience. My head feels like a suspended balloon - distant from my body. My arms look soooo far away as I'm typing! Super disabling and physically paralyzing. Blissful distraction. It's impossible to concentrate on anything, so instead your mind spaces the fuck out and you just drift in the ether, absorbing whatever...”

  • “I think my girlfriend is couch locked on the toilet. She went with running shoes, no pants, and a sweater on which is still weir ding me out.... Like...Nevermind. Charlie sheen is a cold piece of work. It smooth with a nice aroma of orange blossom honey. Big slightly sticky and condensed nugs. The high came on slow and smooth like a baby...learning to But then ...oh fuck this review lol”

  • “New to using cannabis for medicinal purposes, I am still in the strain research stage. My provider had Charlie Sheen this week and I thought I would try it. Boy was I in for a surprise! Not only did it STOP my neuropathy paid dead in its tracks, it also gifted me with the most wonderful feeling of euphoria and appreciation for the people and the things around me. My nerve pains in my feet, legs and hands were gone. M...”

  • “ridiculous bag appeal. super white green frosted buds. coma dope”

  • “Aside from the light green color, lemony aroma and taste, Sheen is a nice hybrid of what I consider a blend of my favorite sativas, Green Crack and Blue Dream, plus the added benefit of a nice OG come down that provides me relaxation. Hence, I gave it five stars. If you're familiar with my posts, you'd know I am on the search for the perfect pre-, intra-, and post-workout companion. I love a strong sativa that promot...”

  • “Charlie Sheen is a great rarity that looks clean, colorful (red hairs with lime green leaves), with a lot of fine crystals, it has small to medium size nuggets with easy breakage for the hands. The smell is pleasant somewhat like a blueberry/cream/honey with a hint of pine/earth. The flavor is a bit stern and mildly bold with a hint of berry or fruit as it shortens (if smoked via joints or blunts). The mental effects...”

  • “Physical impressions: Springy, slightly sticky, dark green nugs, moderate trichrome frosting, quite hairy. This is lemony, tamarind candy dank, with undertones of sweet, compost pile funk. With my asthma, I normally prefer to vape, but I find Charlie to be too harsh after the first two bags, with peppery hot turpenoids reminiscent of wasabi / horseradish. Smoking produces decent tasting if slightly harsh rips, with p...”