Cheese Candy Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Bought 3 grams of this and boy it was smelly, it is really dank too, buds are long and slender and very shiny with all the sticky trichomes, they will stick to anything, even inside a different container (after i ground some up for my vape pen). first let me say i haven't had a cheese strain before, but this bud is a new taste that i love. The smoke was very smooth, a mix of sativa smoothness and the somewhat rough h...”

  • “I've probably smoked my weight in marijuana many times over in the past couple of decades and THIS IS MY FAVORITE. Zero anxiety, zero paranoia, just pure relaxing peaceful body high with some euphoria and giggles. Interesting flavor but I don't smoke pot for the taste or smell. Super strong-- three hits and I'm good for the night with no headaches, no depression, no pain. I can get things done if I want to OR sleep. ...”

  • “This strain is awesome unique smell an taste very relaxing strain it seemed to me it help me focus with out being tired but i feel if i was to lay down an sleep it would be easy to as well this type also made me hungry this is a great strain”

  • “Not the largest or most beautiful nugs you'll find (at least with this batch), but I cannot complain about it's taste or potency. Very sugary smelling and tastes like Sweet pink grapefruit. Delicious! A little will get you nicely relaxed, a little more will put you to sleep. Very nice appetite stimulant as well, but don't carb out and fall out or you'll wake up feeling icky, trust me 😉. Would've been 5 stars...”

  • “Pungent, great to relax. Puts me to sleep after a days work. Great for playing video games or listening to stand-up comedy.”

  • “This strain caught my eye in QP nug jar. Was calling me and what a nice strain. I love good cheese has nice x contrast while keeping cheese structure and smell. Good head body balance great for game time.”

  • “Had me high in the clouds. Real smooth clean sweet kinda taste. Not pungent not cheesy. Just clean sweet marijuana tasting bud. Very happy, functional high. Chilled with my mom, had dinner, watched Gotham. Very good strain for chilling and relaxin and being awake while meltin stress away.”

  • “Incredibly stinky. I don't get a fruity smell from this strain, but more pungent and sour. The buds are also kinda small, albeit very dense. Otherwise I would have given 5 stars. The high is super mellow and relaxing. Give Cheese Candy a try, especially if you like super stinky bud!”