Cheese Quake Reviews

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  • “Was told to try this in place of platinum wreck for my knee cap dislocation pain, pain was gone in the first 15 minutes or so and was very very stoned. This was the same knee cap I dislocated twice before and destroyed the MCL last year in it with meniscus tearing, so pretty impressive anti inflammatory and pain relief med and the very strong relaxing sensation that comes with is fantastic great for deep sleep too bu...”

  • “This is a good Indica for relaxation,this takes the worries of your day away... I have Fibro,and it helps with that,GREAT ANTI-Inflamatory...Gives relief for digestive problems,especially nausea...”

  • “Works for Restless leg and other joint and back pain. Helps with stress and anxiety. Helps you fall asleep as well. In MY experience, I got aroused easier as well as INCREDABLE sex and orgasms.”

  • “Cheese quake is some pretty dank weed. Nice, euphoric high that knocks you out. Great strain to smoke shortly before going to bed. Downside is that this strain makes you cough like a MF, leaving you with a sore throat sometimes.”

  • “Took my first hit and WOW I went to search on more information on this strain and found my self typing in "" effects are immediate and the taste is fantastic”

  • hi2

    “Love this strain in the evening. Relaxing without being a complete knockout. Uplifting and euphoric. You almost can't stop smiling. Thank you to whoever came up with Cheesequake, an amazing strain.”

  • “3.5 stars for this relaxing Indica with a secret Sativa side. Was a recommendation from the Herbal Wellness kid and I was skeptical, but it is not terrible. Euphoric and easygoing. Also can build high with subsequent smokes - no plateauing of the high. Cheese is gross, but these effects are smooth like Brie.”

  • “I love Cheesequake. This is one of the first strains I ever tried and I have been looking for it ever since. It's a great bud!! The taste wasn't harsh at all but the hits were all strong! It made me feel very euphoric. A few hits of Cheesequake and I'm normally dancing around my room. It gives me such a happy high.”