Chem Valley Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “DO NOT GET THIS IF YOU HAVE A SENSORY PROCESSING DISORDER. I do and good god what an awful strain on my senses. Everything is amplified and made more sensitive. Great on low days but still too much in certain areas. Tasted like pickles.”

  • “I'm no Tommy Chong, but I've had a fair share of herb in my lifetime, and this is absolutely the strongest strain I have EVER had. Supposedly tested at a whopping 30% THC, I was so euphoric I couldn't talk much for the first hour, which is a rare thing for me, indeed. If you are looking for an almost 100%-sativa experience, this is for you. Super crystal clear cerebral euphoria. Supremely elevated out of any kind ...”

  • “SPIRIT LIFTER. Although dealing with major depression this week and fighting suicide ideation, this brought my spirits up. Probably wouldn't do this (or any sativas) on an average day due to my high energy ADHD. But Grateful I had this on hand. Because I was so low it brought me up enough to shed the bad and enjoy my evening with out being agitated.”

  • “Turned my brain into pure plasma that shot out of my toes. I must have chocolate cake!”

  • “Has a delicious pine tar flavor with a hint of nag champa, aged parchment, and sage. Nice, chunky, frosty nugs. Very cerebral, hits right away. Quite intense, but wears off fairly quick. The Indica properties hang out a while, however. Can definitely function, but eventually the couch lock will kick in after a few sessions. Good pain suppression. Overall, I liked it and so did my spazzing back muscles.”

  • “good strain for stress relief on the go. I was expecting a lil more of the kush in the taste but had more of a chemdawg taste... Which isn't a bad thing tho. The high is rather clear headed and productive without couchlock or paranoia for me. 😁”

  • “Chem Valley is a really nice sativa leaning strain that I picked up at Panacea on Sandy. It was a nice energy giver that made me feel really nice. I jumped up and cooked dinner and got ready for Agents of Shield. Smoked another bowl and had a great time escaping reality for a few. This is one of the nicest highs I've had yet here in Portland.”

  • “cant belive this sativa it is so great gets you feeling nice puts you in just a happy mode love it chem vally is the shit”