Chemdawg 91 Reviews

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  • “One of my top 10, love the musky lemon aged socks dipped lightly in diesel and rubbed on a skunk funk. Funked, Chunked, and gunked. Always brings the gunk to the grinder, stickiest of the ickiest, divinity to infinity, the buzz has legs and goes the distance. Happy mellow high with a punch of light body stone. Reminds me of Sour D and Kush mixed into 0ne. Higher doses give the silly willys n get ya lost in obliv...”

  • “It seems to help with my symptoms and sometimes it will even help with the occasional sleepless night. I usually feel relaxed, uplifted, motivated, and my spirits lifted. I didn't get an increase in my anxiety levels either! This is defiantly a strain worth trying.”

  • “• 🔥 this thc-26% is the 💣and newbies beware! • Intense & welcome euphoric-overload, best enjoyed with friends or on a creative project (w/o deadline ;) bc you'll also be pondering all of the ways of the 🌎! • 5 ⭐️-strain, every time! 🔥 •”

  • “I'm loving this one. ..I can taste this in so many different strains it's just so amazing. ...thick coverage of sugar on dense nugz. ..hey thanks to pure options in Lansing. be honest I pulled out my jar of commerce city kush to compare smells and etc... man the smell is so Effin good if you like the fuels. ..I'm so curious about the illudim I have in the store if it might have a chemdawg cross. ..dude is not co...”

  • “If the stories are true then this is the mother of the most demanded strains of this decade. Where the original came from we don't exactly know (Thai x Skunk? Thai x Afghan? ) but all the other information is finally coming out there. This is pretty much the most famous bagseed of all time and a hint at the fact we need to start searching for more NEW genetics (that are usually old landraces) to bring to the table ot...”

  • “This was a great my bird strain one of my favorites great for the daytime and early night relaxes you but doesn't put you to sleep and gives you creative outlook.”

  • “This is that Heater Jeter! This strain leaves your fingers extremely sticky. Gives you that fatty throat hit. In a bowl just a little bit of these buds burning will produce so much smoke so prepare for some teary eyes, runny nose, uncontrollable bronchial cough, that feeling of "" Your senses will be heightened. Go on an adventure. Practice walking on your hands. Go swimming. Just go out and enjoy...”

  • “I got this great cross from Kaleafa of Chem 91 x Sour Diesel. Such a nice lite high. Better than a glass of wine and fewer calories. With a yummy sweet after taste. Thanks Mitchell for the recommendation!”