Chemdawg Sour Diesel Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “HOLY COUCH THE INDICA! Is it possible to want to sit there and do nothing.....but want to dance at the same time? You do want to want to do something....but just don't STOP.....the moment you stop the Indica pulls you down and all you want to do is NOTHING......before you take that first puff...put on your favorite MOVE music (Major Lazer this day) and you will be on ah ADHD ride!....Obviously...”

  • “Chemdawg comes on nice and easy for me when I need sleep relief, so I thought this would be something similar when I heard about it. Nope. Shit creeped its ass up on me and when it did hit, it all but suckerpunched me in the jaw. Very little body high, hella intense cerebral high. I'm currently plowing through 2 sleeves of saltines and white chocolate truffles as I review this. I feel like I could sleep if I tried to...”

  • “A great hybrid strain overall. I rolled a bit of it and it definitely had a satisfactory affect for only being a little bit of herb. The effects were varied but overall there was an increase in creativity while I was writing something down I could picture many different ways to phrase the same thought. There were rushes of ideas and thoughts which did make conversations a bit tricky at times. While my mind was extrem...”

  • “So this funkified, sour, piney, bud which carries that wave of earthy fuel to the pallet is currently hitting Northeast Michigan. Man o man am I thrilled! This cross of champions encompasses both strains into a "super strain" that when smoked lifted me off the couch like a man possessed. I went about cleaning my house then moved on outdoors and before I knew what happened it was day over, sun setting on a marvelo...”

  • “The Look: Heavy black and very juniper colored leafs in a very big pine tree that bushes out like if a pine tree had gained some middleweight it's a husky nug. The Smell: Very dank diesel, very fresh grass cuttings smell like, it smells likes actual rain very impressive. The Taste: Pungent, Musky, Harsh, Tea like and lots of herbal, pepper. The Effect: Hits my third eye and I feel my lower back loosen up from being...”

  • “Not a big fan of this strain. It gets points for appearance and smell - sticky, crystaly buds are on the loose side, light green calyxes with blonde hairs and an invigorating chemmy aroma that doesn't quite come through in the flavor. The high was disappointing - a fairly clean and clear feeling but pretty boring. Not at all as invigorating and euphoric as I expected. I kept smoking more and more, hoping that I just ...”

  • “new to high cbd cannabis, was tested at 9% cbd and 8% THC. like it very much was from high desert relief in Albuquerque. was very much like a natural Xanax. very piney and earthy with a little hint of berry taste.”

  • “So many cross strains have been taken of this, or similar back crosses of this strain... and for good reason! The taste, and smell alone... make this a sativa for the record books. If a Chem4 x Sour anything cross comes your way, and your looking for something to keep you up and moving... even if you cant remember what it is your moving to do. THIS IS IT :) 5/5”