Chemmy Jones Reviews

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  • “Farts are treacherous, especially the little ones you think won't stink, like the the tiny pooter you just one-cheek-sneaked in your cube. "Ah -- The perfect crime," you think, sticking to your theory that it was "all sound and no fury". So when you test that little theory by giving a little sniff, you promptly get frying-panned right in the face by The Stench That Came from C'Thulu's Ass. And as you're ducking stapl...”

  • “This is an outstanding medication for people with sever pain and sleep problems. I have been a Navy SEAL for 32 years and have been shot and blown up 7 times and without this I can't see how I could make it through the day. Thank-you to the WOUNDERFUL staff at Rogue River Disp. who have helped me through hard times....”

  • “This has to be one of my favorite strains. It hits you hard then ramps you up fast. Leaving you satisfied and uplifted. Got my strain from Maggie's Farm in Colorado Springs.”

  • “This has to be the best herb I've ever had. I was immediately drawn to the dank, skunky, earthy smell of the flower and I was very surprised at the fruity and sweet taste! This is the kind of herb that I would smoke before taking on the day- the high is invigorating and refreshing and intense, in that the THC percentage is at almost 39% . I bought mine from Maggie's Farm in Manitou Springs, CO by recommendation of t...”

  • “I found Chem Jones to be a powerful sativa. Relaxing yet doesn't couch lock, mind numbing is a very accurate description. The smell/taste was that of dirt, earthy. Not the prefer temp profile but it's really not bad, easy to get used too.”

  • “Picked some up today from my local rec. they had it listed at 35 percent. It did not dissapoint, totally heady with lasting effects. The 1/8 I got came in one solid dense bud, it was sticky and thick with crystals. The high was extremely euphoric.”

  • “This strain is perfect for those who need a serious pain reliever and the extra bonus of the euphoric effect that starts about 1/2 hour after the first pain reliving effect that start almost instantly after first toke.Enjoy...!”

  • “It is a futuristic 2018 type strain. You think you knew weed.. You do not LMAO. Ok so for real it is a perfect blend of relaxation and energy at the same time, it literally made me feel like smoking for the very first time again after just two hits.. But it was so pure and good mostly sativa mix with hybrid indica that I could still function even though it felt trippy as hell. gives a really good amount of energy but...”