ChemWreck Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “God do I love me some ChemWreck, Chem dawg and Trainwreck hybrid that is just fantastic. This is an uplifting, energetic, happy strain, plus it tastes amazing! I highly recommend this to anyone Sativa fans or Hybrid Sativa fans as you will not be displeased! Upon the first toke and taste I was like WTF this stuff is great, finished the bowl and was just spaced out feeling very good, the taste is just crazy....This is...”

  • “Disappointing. Did not get high in head or body. Purchased at my go to spot, perhaps a bad grow, pass thank you....”

  • “Hard core Indica dominant strain.Friend brought over some flame couple months ago from Yilo superstore in Phoenix Az. Chem wreck is exactly that she will put you into the floor and keep you there.Effect feel like Purple kush hard core body. Great for a insomnia and extreme pain. Nighttime strain for sure.”

  • “Good high. Not so happy about the taste. Definitely an acquired taste. Looks amazing and makes you feel amazing”

  • “Good uplifting high. Happy and energetic. Smells a bit piney and has a faint fuel taste. I will buy this strain again.”

  • “Tried this yesterday First time in 7 years I woke up today without a full blown anxiety attack. My eyes not hurting and no head ack Best day I've had in a long time.”

  • “Great taste and light high. Great for back pain and arm pain as well.. I also like it for chillaxing and slight energetic feels. Also some uplifting feels and goofiness. Haven't gotten any cotton mouth either, so that's amazing. I would say I have ten true strains I like, this is one.”

  • “Great taste and has a pine scent. Really nice high and not a sleeper strain. I feel blazed but able to perform duties.. Not bad on the dry mouth but you get it a little bit.. I recommend a try”