Chernobyl Reviews

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  • “I was told this was an indica dominant strain when I bought it, so when I looked it up and found it was sativa dominant I was nervous. Sativa strains usually make me really anxious and paranoid. We're about 10 minutes into this smoke, and so far I'm feeling totally fine. This flower is beautiful. Like fluffy little trichome covered clouds. You would think that would have tipped me off to this being a sativa but I a...”

  • “Trainwreck X Trinity X Jack the Ripper......need i say more! A subcool best. Cherry Limeade flavor uplifting high that lasts through the day... Take this girl to 9 weeks and find deep lavanders along with huge trichome production starting early. The high hits like a mule kicks yet she will not take you over the edge without over consumption....”

  • “Chernobyl a hybrid that emanates a strong, pungent, aromatic scent of lime - with a slight hint of cherry. It sharply affects your sense of smell as you inhale it's green, provocative odor. This assault on your senses is just a foreshadowing of what is in store for you whether you smoke or vape this beautiful Sativa dominant hybrid. Large, bright, frosty green buds can not be mistaken- to be any other strain I hav...”

  • “I've tried this strain a couple of times before. My current sample is the best I've had with a light green color mixed with light orange hairs and covered in trichromes. The buds are of loose density and are sticky with resin. Vaping produced a thick vapor but didn't make me cough. The taste is pleasant and extremely unusual. There is a slight lime undertone but it's not profound. The effect hit almost immediately wi...”

  • “Hello there avid review reader. TL;DR = Slymer smells great, has a beautiful sativa high that is high energy, taste is decent lime citrus and fruit with mild pine. The Slymer phenotype of this strain is wonderful and that's what I'm reviewing. It's an aesthetically pleasing dark green. Smells amazing, like mint limeaid with some floral notes. Woke up this morning and took a single decent pull from a chillum and wa...”

  • “Genetics: Jack The Ripper x Trainwreck - or any of the Jack family strain x Trainwreck - Chernobyl is about as interesting as it gets and provides a super awesome high, enough to quick jump start your day instead of coffee or an energy drink. Highly recommended for people feeling mentally fatigued or tired, groggy-ness Not recommended for people that have negative affects to stimulants.”

  • “This strain was called Slymer at Magnolia Wellness Center - Oakland, but it's got the same genetics as Chernobyl. This is the best-tasting strain I've had so far. I buy this any time it's available.”

  • “This is one if the more unique strains I've had in a long time. I would describe this as a "patient" and complex flower. Upon inhalation there was a light release and expansion in my lungs, whereas the taste (as well as smell) was VERY distinctive of lime/lemon. I wasn't expecting the buds to be both lightly dense and yet subtly "airy". Covered in crystals this strain produced PLENTY of keif for later which tasted ...”