Cherry AK-47 Reviews

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  • “Mmmm...cherry indeed. This is hands down the best smelling weed I have ever had. If I had my eyes closed and were to smell this in a bottle, I'd bet my bottom dollar it were a basket of chocolate covered cherries. Any other marijuana-related scent is nowhere to be found, except hints of fresh flowers if ones' mind dares to wander that deep into it. Cherry Ak47 is on a whole new level though; I found myself coming ba...”

  • “This is a very potent strain. It is listed as a Hybrid, but it isn't definitely Indica dominant. This weed gets you stoned, the onset is relatively quick, and for about two hours you get to a ride a very smooth Indica buzz. A very strong analgesic pain relief, strong body high and buzz, very psychoactive and heady. Thoughts are cloudy, reaction times are slowed. Definitely a good amount of couch lock here. This is an...”

  • “This my new favorite. Makes me feel Super-normal. Wonderful head-high and perfectly functional. Of course I medicate via microdosing, titrating to the best effect, rather than just getting baked. That is so 70's.”

  • “So far my face has melted, I've gotten lost in my own bed, I've contemplated the possibility that I may be a prophet, I've felt more clear headed than ever before and I've run out of descriptors. Fuckin magic carpet ride. A whole new freaking world.”

  • “After a few tokes, I was completely in a dream. I kept checking my watch because time was going by so slowly. 5 minutes would be like 25 minutes. Definatly wiped out my anxiety. I could stare at the ceil for a long time and not get bored. Unfortunately, I couldn't really walk, and I couldn't talk at all. Some times I'd get laughing fits.”

  • “Currently loading a bowl of such glory... upon opening the container im punched in the face with a sweet and juicy, yet sour cherry aroma. Sticky and stinky after a couple puffs... I'm tasting cherry with a big earthy taste but the sour of the ak fills your lungs with pressure and is a smooth after taste to balance the experience I'm feeling like my ears are ringing like I just shot an ak 47 without ear plugs. I ...”

  • “90% Sativa - Cherry Ak-47 (Special Phenotype of AK-47 (Colombia x Mexico x Thailand x Afghanistan)) This was exactly what I could have wanted and more. The smell, taste and effect where unique. It is true. It smelled just like the name. Cherry Sweet & Bold HIGH. It hits right away. You just want to do something on this HIGH, like a million back flips or something. But there is a very slow and light CREEPER Effect ...”

  • “"Big League Extracts- Cherry AC DC" clear slab. Clean, pure taste, hint of lemon lime.”