Cherry Cream Pie Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Hello, Cherry Cream Pie! Thanks to my girl Misha at Ponder in the CD, I got hooked up with this strain from Green Haven. It does NOT mess around. After smoking some meh strains from other shops, I have almost forgotten what a true potent strain is! Cherry Cream Pie is equal parts silly and happy, but the body high is mellow. Green Haven's strains often have the best terpene profiles--the fragrance and taste is un...”

  • “this was one to remember taste so good with a nice body buzz with clear headedness”

  • “It's got it all! Very potent! Makes beautiful Rosin!”

  • “Must say, definitely a relaxing experience with this here gem 🕺🏻🕴🏻”

  • “it was pretty good”

  • “Re-evaluation: a friend heard of my negative experience with this strain, and offered me some he'd been curing for a while. The flavors are MUCH improved, nearly to the point of decadence. The high is far more potent, though still far from what I would call thorough or satisfying. still not viable for my conditions. while earning two more stars for flavor and potency, it really deserves more like a 3.7-3.8 rating...”

  • “Heavy high after a few hits. Slight muscle relaxation and then straight to sleep.”

  • “I must have recieved a particularly poor cut. While having decent bag appeal, this strain tasted more like Cherry Garlic Skunk Anus. Although testing around 19%, the high was weak and uninspiring, nor did it show promise for my particular medical needs. Rarely do I regret purchasing a new strain, but I'd be lying if I said I was eager to give this one another chance. Method: vaporized with a Firefly2”