Cherry Limeade Reviews

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  • hi2

    “Very nice. Erases a bad mood ... quickly. You feel positive about being alive. I would buy this again.”

  • “Review is for 'Limeaid' but solid indica dominant hybrid strain with unknown genetics (chosen to be kept secret by the growers) Large, dense cone buds boast highly of this indica dom medicine, giving a subtle ease behind the eyes but applying much relief to the shoulders/back/neck region. Leaving you wanting to stretch out, get all cozy and watch a movie!”

  • “Very great. Better oil than any dispensaries in Mass or other services. The cherry limeade is amazing as a strain and what a way to complement its unique taste by producing an amazing shatter. Super high in THC and feels like glass when you go to scrape a dab up, but it's awesome. John provided me oil that was the perfect strain for my Crohn's and there are zero residual solvents left over at all. John offers the pu...”

  • “Extremely happy high, recommend Arizona Cherry rickey Limeade to set the flavor and mood for those summer seshs.”

  • “this is definatly my new favorite. such an amazingly sweet smell and taste. I also noticed the taste lingered in the back of my throat for a while after I was done which was very pleasant. The high made me want to go for a jog but also was very relaxing. 10/10 in my book.”

  • “Possibly my favorite strain. Cherry limeade's is one of the most uplifting highs I have ever had. It's effects are noticeable pretty quickly and they last for a while. In small doses this is a great wake n bake however in larger doses you are almost certain to get uncontrollable laughter. I spent almost an hour with a buddy rolling around on the ground yelling at his Xbox. It was fun.”

  • “One of my new favorites. Tastes amazing with a nice heavy laid back effect.”

  • “yummy yummy yummy”