Cherry Pie Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Favorite strain to grow so far... Very easy all around. Yields great!! Smells, looks, and taste fantastic!! Easy to prune and trim. Gorrilla glue 4 is the only plant I have seen that is as healthy looking and still super chronic... Usually herb this good is very delicate or finicky. Not the highest thc content but the high is smooth all the way around. Great weed anytime of day. Love it!! -HipHop-”

  • “So dank! Love this strain I just picked up a 1/4 and my god. So sweet tasting and smelling. Very good couch lock and mind eraser!”

  • “This'll knock your socks off if you don't watch it so plan accordingly for the day. My high pain days operate around a 12, so this dropped it down to about a seven which is Definitely more manageable. A smooth smoke, no choking, nice flavor. Consider adding this to your nighttime routine if you don't have one already.”

  • “This little lady is a true beaut! The buds are dense and easy to break down by hand. The effects come on quickly and without warning. Smokes and tastes amazing! CYK will not disappoint!”

  • “Happy and uplifting best describe this lady. This strain puts you in a wonderful mood. Very giggly. The buds are fluffy and sticky as hell. Coated with some nice deep red calyxes. The smell had that classic Kush odor and sweet fruitiness. The flavors are really quite nice. Very smooth earthiness, with a noticeably sweet exhale. The flavor really sticks on the palate. Great strain for depression, social anxiety and pt...”

  • “Tried this, this time. it's not bad. it works for my pain and I sleep good.”

  • “Awesome everything!! Taste, smell, effects, and a pleasure to grow usually... Had some weak limbs recently and sensitive to heat more than previous years. Nice thick, dense, nugs that can mold if not watched carefully from being too big and dense.”

  • “love it. sweet taste. purple buds. silly high”