Cherry Sherbet Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “very relaxing high. I'm lit”

  • “I had to smoke this a few times to feel confident in understanding it enough to review it. a solid smoke but was definitely not the knockout night time indica that the budtender described it as. its a lazy feeling but feels headier more than body. i work a very fast paced physical job and i seek indicas to give me pain relief and help me get to sleep after getting off work very late. this tastes good, smokes, good an...”

  • “The strain is the best Weed I've smoked besides Gorilla glue! Taste great, hits smooth,and leaves you high for hours! Best for night time use to go to sleep! This strain will have you feeling good and dreaming right away!!😆Good for pain too!”

  • “This strain gave me an ear to ear grin for five minutes the first time. Very solid strain alert and lit at the same time for awhile with a good night's sleep to finish it off. Worked great with my epilepsy.”

  • “Wonderful high, best sex weed we've found, hits hard so you don't need much”

  • “This strain is an invigorating buzz that starts in the head and flows through the whole body. 😍”

  • “At this point I've have both of the wax and weed strain and they are both flame. But by far favorite is the weed strain it's a great high. Couch lock for sure 100%”

  • “Very nice, it gave me a cerebral high along with a body high”