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Chloe Reviews - Page 2

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Chloe is an award winning flower for a reason. It offers some OG-like qualities and holds a very unique aroma. Very hard to get your hands on”

  • “On a day to day basis I have to deal with the symptoms of ptsd. I can be fine one day, and one trigger can put me into a ridiculous depression. Well that was today. My local dispensary just happened to have this in new today so I grabbed a 1/4. The entire time rolling I could not stop focusing on how depressed I felt. Less than half way through the joint I found complete peace. 10 minutes was the difference between f...”

  • “excellent strain! Perfect for nighttime use.”

  • “great everything smoke for pain. sweet taste. even better as a wax”

  • “Very solid smoke. It is not my favorite Sativa but it is a very good strain from Medizin. The only downside is this will give you an extreme case of the munchies.”

  • “So far the best hybrid”

  • “Just a solid strain all the way around. The buds I got were so dense and heavy with resin I get happy just thinking about it. The high was euphoric and uplifting then melted right into a great body buzz. Chloe is my mistress now.”

  • “Before I really got my med card which was a couple weeks before it got legal, this strain for awhile I would stay away from mostly because how high it got me. It's been a long time since I've had that sort of feeling. I definitely recommend this strain, and a must try if you have never had the pleasure before.”