Chocolate Hashberry Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “I think some of this right before I wanted to fall asleep. It did relax me which was nice. About 10 minutes later I got really hungry and went downstairs and made some beer cheese popcorn and ate a whole bowl full. Then I waited like an hour and vaped some more and I was starving so I went down and ate 400 calories worth of hummus, a bunch of cheddar cheese, some prosciutto, an apple, and then I decided to eat bunch ...”

  • hi2

    “Relaxing and not a complete knockout, at first. Eventually... nice for drifting off to sleep, after a flurry of strange thoughts...”

  • “~ smoked last, about one day from this. ~ It has a taste to it, first time around an well, first its a nice mellow feeling of the body and is a nice, it has a nice over all ~ color = well has a darker color and it a a kind of darker green and brown/darker spots a bit spaced out every where. ~ Smell = well, it has a middle big smell when about 3.50 GR, and about six bowls is a light smell, and only one bowl in it...”

  • “This is a great strain if you are trying to create. Also great if you are are trying to really listen to some new music and wrap your head around it. It won't lay you out rather make you want to do something or create something”

  • “A double indica hybrid?! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 This gets 5 fires! The couch lock effect kicks in immediately and again about a half hour later. A hint of chocolate rolls through your mouth as you draw in the sweet smoke with a berry after taste. This is an excellent choice for someone struggling with insomnia, nausea, anxiety, etc. in my opinion.”

  • “It's a creeper. Blurs the edges. I'll be alert for awhile then night night. Tasted like Berry could not believe it”

  • “you taste a hint of the chocolate and berries also smokes great”

  • “Very nice for helping me relax. Very few strains actually help me sleep, and this is one of them.”