Chong Star Reviews

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  • “Made the trip from Colorado springs to pueblo, CO for a half oz of Chong Star, about an hour. It was so worth the drive I can't begin to tell you! Lol don't know what that other person had but it surly was not Chong star, since there is only one place to buy it in all of Colorado, and that's at Marisol Therapeutics in pueblo, Colorado. So the actual bud structure was a bit small but the way it burns make up for it. M...”

  • “also known as Biesel to some....not too sure if it actually his that 30% THC mark.......decent enough though.”

  • “This is by far the best bud I have smoked hands down! The look, taste, and after effects of this bud are phenomenal. Master bud by a master craftsmen, need say no more. A++ highly recommended and toked.”

  • “i just got ahold of Chong 🌟 in Phx,AZ. it is very uplifting and has you flying. My muscle cramp pain calmed down alot. im thinking more clearly but deep thoughts.”

  • “I think this is a great strain! Not overpoweringly chronic or anything, but a really sweet high that you can mellow into pretty easily.”

  • “This hits the spot! I was wavering on the edge of moving to concentrates. Chong Star renewed my love for a good old fashioned joint. I was pleasantly surprised that I was completely crashed after a few good tokes. I made a complete fool out of myself being giggly and super stoned in public. Best to keep the party indoors and enjoy the ride.”

  • “got it at marisol great strain real strong loud and delicous”

  • “Stopped into Marisol Therapeutics for Happy Hour (4:20p.m.-5:20p.m.) and picked up a fantastic pre-roll of Chong Star for half off. Knowing this was created by Marisol my expectations were high. This strain exceeded all expectations other than taste. The taste was Earthy, but rather dry. The high however was great! Uplifting, yet mellow and relaxing. Recommended for focus. Enjoy!”