Chronic Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “The strain looks like it is inside out and the nuggets are a good solid with little to no dust, flakes, and stems. the quality of it is relaxing, energetic, creative, positive, motivating, strong pain relief, huge stress reducer, dramatically low anxiety and no paranoia, with strong optimistic traits. the smell (to me) is a strawberry/honey/earth. This is one if the most unique and effortlessly effects strains I've e...”

  • “burning in the throat. but cant stop smiling. great high”

  • “poes hard”

  • “Very nice buzz. I used Chronic around 7:30 in the morning. Damn right this shit woke my ass up! Love Chronic 🙌🏽”

  • “Chronic is a very interesting strain to get to know, not the street hydro but the actual strain! It has a good taste that relates to AK-47 super tasty bud with a HEAVY HIGH.”

  • “Hits really hard , very potent stuff. Gives a happy euphoric head high and some nice munchies. Makes listening to music almost orgasmic.”

  • “Amazing tripping weed! High lasted 6 hours. Just a few negatives paranoid and nausea!”

  • “That shit is my favourite!! It grows easy and in satisfatory amount.. The Taste is very good. Love that shit”