Chunky Diesel Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Chunky Diesel is one of the best sativa-dominant hybrid strains in Illinois! Its strong diesel aroma blends with chocolatey undertones to create a smooth yet distinct flavor suitable for any palate. Although it's certainly sativa-leaning, its Deep Chunk lineage mitigates the mental stimulation associated with a traditional Sativa, producing an effect suitable for both day and nighttime usage. I highly recommend Chu...”

  • “Chunky Diesel - you make me want to do the truffle shuffle. Cresco really knocked it out of the park with this one! Loving the combination of old-school genetics with the ever-popular Sour Diesel notes. The flower has a light green color with incredible resin density. Smells like someone dusted freshly cut flowers with fruit smoothie bits. Killer! Being more of an indica consumer, this sativa is PERFECT for me ...”

  • “very very good strain it really provides a great happy and uplifting effect and also works amazing for headaches.”

  • “Not sure why this is listed as strictly a Sativa and not a hybrid. Cresco labs brand of Chunky Diesel is the best Diesel I've ever smoked. It is by far one of my favorite strains OVERALL(and I've tried 100's of strains). It is the PERFECT relaxing after work smoke in my opinion. I feel alert and focused but my body pain is totally gone(not numb, but actually gone). I feel it is more of an Indica-Leaning hybrid imo bu...”

  • “great daytime strain..chocolate-like flavor”

  • “My favorite diesel in Illinois at the moment. Big, frosty buds, unique flavor, and an awesome, balanced high. Definitely a must try for all diesel fans”

  • “My new favorite Sativa strain, without a doubt! Has a great euphoric and happy feeling. The chocolatey smell is wonderful and still offers that nice diesel undertone that I love. A great strain to medicate with if you plan to be in a social setting.”

  • “Omg!! This is amazing and the buds are so beautiful and dark purple with frosting on top! Like its been dusted by fairies! I mean its crazy glitter effect could still be seen in my vapor pen (b4 i stirred)! Great for day or night but if u need to go to bed early dont b surprised if u gt distracted. Highly recommend for those looking for a Sativa tht doesnt come w/ the bad side effects. Its perfect. I dont taste choc...”