Cinderella 99 Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “I truly believe that this "Cinderrella 99" is the best Hybrid Sativa I have ever had. I love the high. Very euphoric, yet at the same time you can get a good amount of things done. And at the same time I can think clearly too. A great day buzz for the busy! Mind you though, take it easy. A little goes along way! And I find that helpful with my budget. All in all it makes for a very Happy High! :)))”

  • “Cinderella 99 is an extremely potent old school favorite of mine. Now when I say potent I mean potent, treat her nice as she can really kick your ass if you dont. The looks of my most recent batch is just insane being so kiefed over its white! The smell is pungent and sweet, the high is really great giving ya all the great benefits of a sativa with just the perfect amount of indica in it. But seriously take it lite a...”

  • hi2

    “Powerful. If you are a fan of haze strains, you"ll love Cindy99. Heart pounding, upbeat high. Strangely, I can type faster on this strain. Walking around, I felt taller! A weird effect. After awhile, you"ll want to dance around the room. I actually feel like exercising.....a rare occurrence.”

  • “This is my best strain of all time. i just picked up a 1/4 pound so im set for awhile. If you can ever find this shit, get it , you wont be dissapointed. The energy is probably the best trait from this medicine. Kinda dry on the eyes but who cares. It looks great and smells even better. i could go on all day about this strain so i wont, just try it and u will see. Its my fav sativa , the high comes fast and tole...”

  • “Very potent Sativa and best for day use. Probably not for amateurs. Zippy high with lots of focused energy, but I could see how too much could be too much.”

  • “Quintessential sativa. One of the best. NOT FOR BEGINNERS; do not listen to someone who tells you conversely! 4.5/5. A little paranoia for even the most experienced cannabis consumers is expected if you (1) partake/over-medicate, or (2) you are in an environment that isn't conducive to positive "vibes." (e.g., a negative environmental context. That can be applicable to other strains, however, it's very applicable to...”

  • “Cindy 99 is one of the greatest sativas ive ever smoked. Very active strain”

  • “Gotta love the C99, its a nice strain for people that like the hybrids. Looks great and tastes the same. Don't see it much anymore, but more will be around next cycle. I'll upload better pics then too. Overall B+.”