Cinderella's Dream Reviews

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  • “"I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream..." I almost missed attending the ball with this pretty hybrid princess. She's not the Disney sort, though- this girl slides up to you with a knowing twinkle in her eye and a sly grin on her face. You know the look- You want her and she knows you do... but she's going to tease you a bit with her golden locks and her emerald eyes. But then, before you realize it,...”

  • “I smoked this strain for the first time tonight. I am currently stoned and am very intrigued by the swiping motion of my phone's swipe texting. The strain smelled like orange rinds and had a very soft feeling to it. When I smoked it, the smoke felt very soft; not at all harsh. It tasted very sweet and light, too. The effects were near immediate, and it felt amazing. My chronic back pain didn't lessen or get worse, ...”

  • “LOVE THIS STRAIN! I am a fan of both Cinex and Blue Dream, so when this hybrid came along, I was excited to try it. Sometimes, when two great strains are crossed, the new hybrid ends up being homogenized with the best standout qualities watered down. Not the case with Cinderella's Dream. It certainly heightens the cerebral sociable qualities of Cinex with the wonderful body high and pain relieving qualities of Blue D...”

  • “It was a seriously dream like experience. I was happy, relaxed, painfree, I am a heavy smoker yet this got me uplifted for over 7 hrs. Highly recommended for very experienced smokers only...”

  • hmt

    “I would have given it 5 stars but I did not turn in to a pretty blonde princess and my bathrobe never transformed in to a ball gown.”

  • “Cinderella's Dream is a very happy high. It's like Blue Dream with a shot of espresso. 🍵☀ The only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is that I think there are similar strains that do what Cindy's Dream does, only better. Dirty Girl is more uppy and tastes better, and Mean Misty is more clear headed, which means I'll always grab one of those over Cindy's Dream. That said, you will not be disappointed if you give this...”

  • “Happiest Strain Ever! Really uplifting for the mood. Definitely daytime strain, I recommend walking with this one. Scent is heavenly - very citrusy sweet without being too sour.”

  • “It puts an end to procrastination. Definitely a strain for the daytime when you have a lot to get done. Keeps you motivated even through the mundane. I am a light smoker and only take a few hits and it keeps me going for hours. The only negative I could find is I find myself getting irritated if I'm not staying busy. It curbs my anxiety and stress.”