Cindy White Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Fell in love with Cindy White immediately. A very potent strain with trichome covered resinous buds. It has a slightly earthy smell mixed in with some fruity and floral tones. The taste is amazing. When vaporized, it tastes a lot like some sort of haze variety combined with a slight fruity tingle that remains on the palate. A very nice sativa buzz that goes straight to the head and did a great job of relieving the pa...”

  • “This is one of our (the green solutions) strains. One of the best looking strains we have. Also the linage you have listed is incorrect. Cindy White (per our genus list) Is; Cinderella 88 x Princess”

  • “PARENT WAS NOT WHITE WIDOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I propagated this cut, and gave it out to places like the Green Solution + others. TGS wanted to call it Cindy White because they want to build their company media and press around it since it placed on previous competitions when other stores grew it.. They changed the name of green crack because it had a "negative connotation" says founder Eric Spidell. They changed the na...”

  • “Pretty decent high. Got a bit of euphoria goin. Happy. Relaxed but energetic. Don't notice a whole lot of dryness. Really don't have the munchies either.”

  • “At first glance you'll quickly see the White Widow genetics as the buds are frosty and crisp. An easy smoke, Cindy White picked up my afternoons and made my daily routine a breeze. Although the effects were not as long lasting or as strong as WW or Cinderella 99, combined the two strains genetics still make for a unique enjoyable high.”

  • “One of the best buds I've ever seen and smoked. Would recommend to anyone.”

  • “C99 and Ww are 2 favs and have given rise to one of the best (if you can get it) strains on the planet. Strong Ajax / citrus taste gives you a heads-up to get ready to cruise. ns”

  • “Fairly potent sativa dom that starts with a very motivating and uplifting high that is also somewhat hazy. Productive high with good focus. The high ends with a very relaxed hazy high so watch out if smoking during the day.”