Citrus Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Absolutely the best strain i have found for someone with BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder). My girlfriend, who suffers BPD, is cognitive and sharp while feeling its effects. while smoking otjer strains, she is normally reckless, disorganized and in a state of stupor. this strain brings out her intelligence and is a perfect replacement for Limictol and Vistril, medications prescribed for BPD. This strain has actua...”

  • “Really great smoke. Smoked it smells piney, woody. Tastes of many citrus flavors, very sweet and long lasting. A must smoke for the taste junkies out there.”

  • “I bought this in my local shop, and I have never tried it before. When I got home I rolled it, and it rolled perfectly. It's sticky, and it smells really fruity. When I lighted up my spliff and took my first hit, It tasted wonderfully refreshing, like citrus fruit, and I felt really good around other people. I also felt the urge to draw, and I would draw for 3 hours straight. Everything was amazing and I would defini...”

  • “Best bud i have in a while smelling citrusy. while the high might be short its intense and for a high tolerable smoker its perfect good taste and overall head/ body high”

  • “Smells and taste like a mix of citrus fruits. Taste is on the inhale and exhale and is very sweet. Buzz is quick then mellow but not as long lasting as more popular classic strains. Decent Kush-like smoke.”

  • “Great stuff. love the smell of the smoke, highly recommend”

  • “Love the pungency. Dense sticky buds that includes citrus and lemon flavor.. a sourNsweet mix with the exhale! Smells like it tastes. When this strain is available I make sure to stock up. Being indica dominant hybrid I'd recommend for stress, insomnia, bi-polar individuals, and lack of appetite.”

  • “Really good high overall. It makes you really focused on one thing while your still laughing your ass off”