Citrus Sunshine Haze Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “The citrus sunshine haze is moving it's way into one my favorite strains of all time. Being a long time smoker from my years in medical and now as a bud tender, I have been able to experience too many kinds of cannabis to name. This super lemony, sweet tangerine like bud has placed itself up there with the best of them. The effects are immediate and the onset rush of energy without the anxiety which was ever so pleas...”

  • “Very potent, very terpy, citrus till the last hit. Straight to the dome. Uplifting, social, functional, but totally satiating, and very heady. She is like sunshine in a bag, and who couldn't use a little sunshine in their lives. I personally love this strain and can't wait to share it with all of you.”

  • “This strain has a new twist to it for sure. The sweet hints of lemon and lime with the 28% thc ,made up from the three different pheno. types. Finely a strain I can be productive on, pain free and still relaxed...... THANKS CEREAL KILLER, YOU KILLED IT!!!!!!!!”

  • “this is a very strong strain ...... but a very very good strain. it's clear headed and easy to stay on task but it all so has a nice body thing as well .......... very very citrusy ..... kind of remind me of tang this is the best weed I have gotten in years and long lasting....... it suck with me for a few hours”

  • “This strain aids in mental function of attention, as a full time student when you have a test to study for or an intense load of homework this strain is similar to Blue dream in respect to effect toward concentration for longer duration and improving mental focus. Taste is smooth with a orange citrus touch (from tangie). The aroma is of orange citrus and skunky with a taste of lemon that lingers when consumed. No do...”

  • “Great mood elevator.”

  • “This strain is absolutely INCREDIBLE. a truly superior taste, no ill effects (asside from a little dry mouth) and it's get you to a new level while remaining functional. A great strain for relaxing, and an absolute favorite of mine.”

  • “I like the strange I'm pretty hungry I'll give it three star because it wasn't as pungent as I thought it would be”