Cloud 9 Reviews

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  • “I have been using marijuana to help manage my major depression (among other things) for a couple years now. I came across Cloud 9 just like any other strain. It's what my dealer had. Until I tried Cloud 9 I was more than happy with the marijuana I was getting. This strain showed me what it is to truly live without depression looming over my head. It was as if God Himself put this here for me personally. Every t...”

  • “This strain is intense and chill at the same time to say the least. I had 26% and a couple hits and you're definitely on a cloud floatin through sunny skies, but if too much and you might find yourself trippin out a little. Great for hangouts”

  • “Great strain! I was with a friend and smoked a bowl of this strain with a little kief from my old strain blue cheese out of their bubbler. And it was great we were both so happy and just laughing at everything. But we were in public so I would get super parinoid about ever single sound (I was in the woods partly) and for some reason my jaw would just drop every time and for some reason it was so funny for me I would ...”

  • “Will leave you paranoid as fuckkkkk”

  • “Cloud 9 is aptly named. It makes the user feel incredibly uplifted and euphoric. It's a great strain for soaking up peaceful scenery after a hike or on the beach.”

  • “Good stuff”

  • “Heavy relaxing effects and smooth hitter”