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Cookie Breath

4.7| 15 Reviews

What is Cookie Breath?

Shaman Stinky Steve is at it again! Stinky Steve bred together Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, Forum Cut GSC, and OG Kush Breath 2.0 to create this unique purple phenotype. Cookie Breath emits the earthy, doughy aroma Cookies is known for, intermixed with notes of grape and wine. The dark nugs are coated with glittering purple trichomes said to produce purple-tinted rosin and hash. It hits with a one-two punch to the mind and body, leaving a stimulating sizzle between the ears while the body ebbs between fits of the munchies and sedative bliss. Enjoy Cookie Breath in moderation as this strain has been known to push 30% THC.  

Where to Buy Cookie Breath

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Cookie Breath Effects and Attributes

Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

Cookie Breath Genetics and Grow Info

Cookie Breath Flavors

  • 1. Earthy
  • 2. Flowery
  • 3. Grape

Review Highlights

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Most Helpful

“What an amazing strain! The nugs are fantastic; covered in deep, deep purples, with orange hairs and crystals shimmering all over it. I had perhaps some of the stickiest nugs I had ever felt before.The smell; that famous cookie smell found throughout GSCs family just smacks you in the face! The taste... Definitely earthy, but with a sweet undertone to it, if that makes sense. And the high... Lord! I smoked two bowls ...”

Most Recent

“Yum!!!! This strain is Top Shelf Perfection when grown and cured properly. *Effects: Very up-lifted, happy, energetic, creativity juices are flowing, feeling inspired, grateful, very relaxed breathing and body positioning. I noticed after Bowl 1: Just feeling very euphoric and in a light hearted and gentle mood. No anxiety whatsoever. Happy happy! Bowl 2: The light bulbs going off. Ideas for work and music are ...”


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