Cookie Wreck Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “The CBDs are great for pain, anxiety, and depression. The THC gives a nice energetic boost. This is great for all day/morning/get shit done because it leaves you clear headed, focused, and energized. I would choose this over Harlequin because it managed my pain more effectively and much longer.”

  • “In some groups in Michigan the #2 phenotype is known as Barbasol. It smells just like shaving cream with menthol. Taste is similar. Great genetics, strong every time.”

  • “First high CBD strain I have bought and I am enjoying it,instant pain relief with a decent head high. I was not to crazy about the taste and smell, but the effects are worth it, it will leave you feeling amazing.”

  • “Damn. Just tried this strain for the first time last night, and WOW. I was never a big fan of either Girl Scout Cookies or Trainwreck alone but TOGETHER! What a great ride. The bud itself is nice, not particularly dense, super earthy smell and pull. Will leave your mouth super dry, so have juice at the ready. It's a great body high, will definitely have you relaxed and stress free. A great finals high, because the ce...”

  • “This is the biggest one that helps me with my disease. I've got Multiple Sclerosis and it helps my balance so much.”

  • “Completely managed my fibro and JRA pain while leaving me with energy enough to get things done.”

  • “This one made me stop and ponder life for a while 🙏🦄👍”

  • “This is a review for Barbasol, which I THINK is the same as this strain? I'm a novice and have chronic anxiety - much to my surprise, Barbasol did not help calm me. I was struggling hard with a lot of racing thoughts and fears that everyone was mad at me. The raciness was uncomfortable and caused me to tense up my muscles a lot which contributed more to my nerve pain. I was too confused to crochet, which is normally ...”