Cookies and Cream Reviews

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  • “This strain is AMAZING!! I have a lot of stress/anxiety and I also smoke for my PMDD. It really helps with muscle cramps/soreness. I've also had it help a headache. I have high blood pressure, and it lowered my blood pressure down to around 110/60. This strain completely relaxed and de-stressed me, completely. It took away any anger/frustration/irritation I had, and replaced it with a very peaceful, calm and serene f...”

  • “Yo I literally made a leafly acount to write about this strain cuz this is truly a high. Sativa dominant hybrid, but overindulge and you will be a bit sleepy after a while. Definitely a versatile strain, but either way the high is amazing through and through. A bit of a creeper, so take time between puffs, especially dabs. As a flower it's a bit more of a true hybrid, but as wax and rosin dabs, the high will defi...”

  • “🥞🍦 Cookies and Cream is a decadent hybrid with a sweet tasting and unique flavor. It takes everything the Girl Scout Cookies phenotype has to offer and adds layer of depth that sets this apart from any other strain. It's like the best baked dessert you could ever imagine, but only smokable, and it's effects are infinitely better for your body. This is a great evening smoke, as it does induce a spectacular relaxatio...”

  • “it leaves you speechless... like nothing youve ever had.”

  • “• Enjoying AGL's t-29% Cookies 🍪 & Cream cannabis oil this afternoon, as I'm quite fond of GSC, as well as Star⭐️Fighter — & together, they make one hell of an alliance! • • Extremely smooth, calming, balancing, effortless: on lungs/asthma, anxiety/ADHD & cerebrally — true to 🍪-phenotypes, & taste is equally delicious +true to her rock⭐️star-parents! The very best qualities of both SHINE in this 5-⭐️ 💣-hybrid & i...”

  • “Beautiful crystals. Almost looks white. Great for pain high in cbd with just the right amount of thc for the perfect mellow head high. Smoke a lot to fast though and it will knock you out.”

  • “Another cookies and cream review this time by Canna Organics. This strain is listed as a hybrid with a total THC of 25.57% I found the high to be happy, functional, and a bit talkative. I had a much better experience with this version of cookies and cream then I had from previous experiences.It's a good strain for walking around and talking or being social etc. Flavors I got were woody and honey.”

  • “Its insane! Nothing else gets me as high as some cookies and crème! no matter what the pheno is!”