Cookies and Dream Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Was sitting on some green crack for a while before I switched over to the dream cookies. I have to say it was a very nice change. Had a nice uplifted feeling for a while before gently relaxing into one of my favorite books for a bit... Then off to dream”

  • “Don't keep you stuck, you can function After hitting this potent blossom flower. I only smoke flower, this was by far one of My favorite plants. And I been smoking before some of you knew who Snoop Dogg was.”

  • “Officially my new favorite! Takes care of pain and nausea while keeping you alert and fully functioning. There's a euphoria that comes along with it too. It doesn't prevent me from sleeping like some other daytime strains which I love.”

  • “Definitely a good strain. I got mine in southern California from The Honor Roll Collective and was impressed! I only felt it mildly in my body but had a good head high, nice and euphoric. not my favorite variation of girlscout cookies but still great! this strain has a faint hint of blueberry and burned nicely but smoke production was a bit less than average with a bit more itch in your throat. I smoked it a few days...”

  • “very unique, uplifting taste (Gold Coast Live Resin)”

  • “great strain”

  • “very good buzzz for work......i blew dis at lunch.. (dont tell my job...ha).......came back to work and was fantastic.....good sativa hybrid......munchies fuc wit the sour patch watermelons and bottle water”