Cotton Candy Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Maybe it's just the first time in a while since I've really been mindful of how I feel when I'm high. Or maybe I'm just really high. At any rate, I feel spectacular right now. I got a half ounce of this, brought it home, and was taken aback by how beautiful this bud was. It's absolutely covered in trichomes, and some of these buds are the deepest purple I've seen. That was something I was not expecting. The smell is ...”

  • “This is the second time I've tried Cotton Candy Kush. It hits me with a good head high, but then I want to sit back and watch whatever is on the tv, internet, or book. I spent 2 hours on Harry Potter/Deathly Hallows and have now stopped because I'm hungry. I feel totally relaxed and may fall asleep now...”

  • “Glorious strain, this weed is perfect for staying chill during a stressful event. This strain will literally keep you as cool as Samuel L Jackson in any situation”

  • “This is in the top 3 buds I've ever tasted. Sweet and flowery smoke, buds that smell almost like candy, and a delicate balance between a mellowed out body and a stimulated happy mind. The buds are crisp and with perfect density, the nugs smoke beautifully; It's almost as if the weed wants to smoke itself... Highly recommend for a day at home pursuing hobbies or a solitary hike to reflect on life, the universe, and e...”

  • “Im not sure why this is listed as cotton candy kush.. i am a grower of this strain for dockside, cannatonics, rainier wellness and tacoma hollistic collective. its actually the original cotton candy (not the cali strain) from federation seeds that is no longer in production and this is a rare cut that has lasted in close-knit group since the late 90's. its a true nw west vancouver island strain. the genetics are af...”

  • “So before medicating I was having an absolutely horrible day just super stressed out ready to pull the hair out of my head. I truly pride myself on testing and reviewing the best possible strains for others to get a good idea of what flowers to choose for the needs they have to meet. After one joint my problems and worries strain pain and stress drifted away I was the happiest camper in the lodge so to speak. Great m...”

  • “The buds are a nice and fluffy light green color with tons of orange hairs. Smell is light and sweet. The flavor is much the same. Dare I say like cotton candy? The effects come on quickly yet smoothly. Relaxation starts in your temples and eyes and works its way down your back. My mind feels alert with no anxiety to speak of. Not much fatigue, grogginess, or couch lock. Nice daytime strain with great anxiety relievi...”

  • “Dynamite smoke! Looks good smells good and has a very good taste.”