Cotton Purple Chem Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Who makes up these names? Anyway, this strain is...SOLID! Wow. Imbibed a bowl of this and I'm flying high. I have a high tolerance (smoke several bowls per day), but just a bowl of this stuff and I'm feeling great. 'Bout to hid the hay, and this seems like a good strain for nighttime so far—very relaxed body-wise and my mind isn't racing like with most sativas. The nose—top notch. Here's what the flower smells like...”

  • “Great flavor! Earthy and rich with a sweet fruity finish. I could see it being a nice strain for people with tension issues. 3 hits in, my work day melted away. Definitely a hard and heavy hitter. Makes its presence known in the lungs, then creates a pleasant fuzzy feeling throughout the body. I experienced a bit of "couch lock", but everybody's different. All in all, a pleasant tasting flower with a stand ...”

  • “Always a favorite, bright Hedy cerebral high that does officially announce bedtime. My favorite flavor of any strain so far.”

  • “Today is the first day I've gotten some purple chem. Will update after I remember to”

  • “Cotton!!!”

  • “Very relaxing, and it gives a peace of mind state for me. Absolutely enjoying it 😌🖖🏻”

  • “Very uplifting, relaxed, mellow high. I like my herb like that.”

  • “This is a wonderful strain. It's terpene profile is incredible and the high is extremely well balanced.”