Crazy Miss Hyde Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Best flower I've ever tried. I have been tasting and trying all kinds of new strains, but this stuff got me. Crazy Miss Hyde gives an intense, long-lasting feeling of euphoria. Very,very good quality for an indoor organic.”

  • “Great smoke will be back for more. why does the seedling grow so slowly to start.”

  • “Picked up a fresh 1/8th of this recently, and I must say, it was the best pick-up in a long while. The bud are a beautiful lightish green mixed in with plently of orange hairs as well. The trichome coverage looks excellent, but the buds are all fairly small. This bud grinds beautifully and produces plenty of keif as well which adds an excellent boost to any bowl pack. The high is a perfect hybrid, with the noticeab...”

  • “Fantastic! Smells like candy, smokes smooth and clean. The high is energetic at first and really sets in the body high. Very anxious in concentrate/bho form of ya get too crazy!”

  • “still growing this top notch "sneaky awesome" strain. Those fortunate enough to have been treated to this Vanilla/pine scented beauty know that it is perfection understated. Mine is approximately 5 years old now and is usually too strong for the most seasoned bakers. My recommendation is simple, 1-2 puffs and wait 30 mins and the wave of relaxing tranquility will have you in a serene peacefulness and comfortable numb...”

  • “I have this and Burmese Kush they are both extremely rare yet luscious,pungent, perfect looking females. This in particular is a High Times Cover looking strain.”

  • “Wowzers!!I think i just blew in my trouserz...pan down, commando style, drop trow, pliant boob...36C all natural Perfection..if weird science made a female...this is what it would look like in 2016....wowzers”

  • “Medical effects, off the chart. Gave me the giggles in the middle of the afternoon, forgot all about my back & leg pain.”