Crimea Blue Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Crimea Blue has a lovely blueberry-esque scent and flavor making it a great choice for those who appreciate fruity strains. This is one of my go-to strains for dealing with insomnia. It's also good for appetite enhancement. I find it very relaxing with a nice body effect. There are few if any negative side effects. Overall this is a pleasant, effective strain. It seems to have all the positives and none of ...”

  • “Overall great taste nice smooth smoke almost like a more sophisticated Top Shelf Blue Dream. Nice Steady oncoming high that lasts and lasts without any noticable negative side affects oddly enough except feeling almost none if any pain for once which is so awesome to someone in constant pain like me and makes me calm, happy, euphoric a little, and very talkative. (After 1 joint felt great for almost 3 hrs. and spent ...”

  • “Thank you Derry! It took an Irishman in Holland to successfully breed this flower with genetics from across the globe. One of the most delicious varieties I've ever enjoyed with its sweet, deep creamy blueberry hash yumminess. The effects (in me,) are mostly indica body high accompanied by a gentle euphoric uplift. Just beautiful. Not super duper potent (about 15%thc,) but it won't matter, because you'll look for a...”

  • “Love the taste of green grapes and sweet hashy kettle corn. A small bit will get you going, but you may over toke just to taste it again. Then it twists a bit and you feel tingly but almost nomal until you try to do something. Almost a lucid alcohol drunk. Odd but nice. Pains are less and your ok with that. Cool!”

  • “Great strain for pain relief and insomnia relief. Very warm and fuzzy buzz. Super mellow and relaxing in the body.”

  • “Yummy taste, and you will toke more just to taste again. Then you will have a tingly warm creative upbeat buzz. Think awake and lucid but almost drunk feeling when it comes to body movements. But... its fun.. and kills the aches and pains. Very unique buzz, Love it. Should be good with that special someone in bed.”

  • “Amazing strain. Smells like earthy pine and citrus. Taste similar to smell.”

  • “A very merry surprise for me. I really enjoyed the uplifting energetic push I got from this medicine. It was a creeper when vaped, that hit full tilt while grocery shopping (last hour of X-mas eve). Any medication that can make that fun is excellent by me. Unfortunately, the first two hours were spent wandering the store, laughing at the roasts and homemade rolls......with mind numbing bliss. PERFECT STOCKING STUFFER...”