Critical 47 Reviews

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  • “I bought an 1/8th of this five months ago, but this is one of those experiences you might never forget. It is like the first time you become medicated. I noticed I had a lot of anxiety and a lot of stress going to a party so I brought my cannabis and medicated before going in and had a good time, not one of the best but a great time. If you have stress anxiety, mood disorders or even a severe amount of pain and nerve...”

  • “My daily strain. No hunger and keeps me moving.”

  • “This strain is hybrid dominant with a sweet and skunky smell and an undertone of honey. This is the type of bud that is perfect for relaxing on the beach for the day. It made me happy and relaxed, without a care in the world. This helped me regulate my moods but it didnt quite slow my mind down as much as I would hope for.”

  • “Does great in DWC. Very quickly”

  • “The pheno I have come across is more like 70 days. Smells great. Looks good. 2 classics, u can't go wrong”

  • “this girl is rude! the smell is indescribable and not easily masked. Great, relaxing and uplifting high.”

  • “Critical mass is an afghani x skunk 1 aka big bud, reworked and crossed with ak47. Grows vigorously. When it's done I'll fill u in on the rest.”

  • “Loved this herb! Tastes like peach pie to me. Wonderful stuff.!”