Critical Plus Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Wonderful hybrid, has the taste of citrus and pine with a hint of sandalwood. Has a few sativa qualities (uplifted and alert) but doesn't hamper a good relax on the porch with a beer and a bowl.”

  • “Remember playing D&D? Remember you had your first-level wizard with his Magic Missile spell and damned if he wasn't ready to use it? Then sure as shit, here comes a kobol rambling down the hall, intent on causing mayhem and injustice. There you are: all that stands between the creature and the town below. It's time for . . . MAGIC MISSILE! So you pick up that fat d20 and shake it so hard that it looks like you'...”

  • “This strain was on sale at Novel Tree in Bellevue WA, 4g for $40. 25% THC grown by Farmer J's. Dry crumbly buds that smoked evenly. Pretty smooth smoking in a small glass pipe. I prefer lower doses and use for recreation, maybe .1 grams flowers per dose. 9/10 for this one. Mellow, invigorated vibe perfect for music or a project where you can get locked in and creative. If I go back in time, there have been a few st...”

  • “This is a really good bud if you want to stay focused. I've been writing a freemason book on archaic theology and this weed has the magic to help. Raspberry Kush is more powerful. I prefer to get wasted.”

  • “While not a strain I would use recreationally, the critical plus has been great medicine for me. Even a small joint will be enough to put you down for a bit. I picked this up to help with sleep and long term pain and it has done it's job very well.”

  • “Grown by Farmer J's. This strain is perfect if you're looking for a very basic stoned feeling, though falling short of the super-blazed stoner movie stereotype type of stoned. It's almost there, but missing some of the giddiness and spontaneous bursts of laughter. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, since it's way easier to keep a straight face or play serious if the need arises. The head feels like it's stuffe...”

  • “sabor intenso, deja un poco tocado la cabeza al poco tiempo de fumarla, ciego de total relax, no aconsejo fumar si tienes planes para después, deja muy apalancado”

  • “such a good strain. smells a lot like peanut butter when you smoke it. but lots of positive side effects. felt really happy and calm. most weed gives me anxiety attacks but absolutely none with this strain. i have ptsd, this strain also helps with the flashbacks and even nausea. Did have a slight headache but thats the only negative side affect i've experienced. all around great high and would HIGHLY reccomend this t...”