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Cronuts Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “One of my favorites, it does wonders for all the stomach trouble I have due to radiation. Not only does it help settle the stomach it helps you relax.”

  • “An amazing strain for what it does for me. Crohn's disease here and discovered this strain through my dispensary managers in the beginning of a flare. It definitely helps with the pain but more than that it feels like a hot iron over a very wrinkly shirt; all the tightness, spasming, twisting, etc. feelings/sensations just "smooths out" in my gut and I can live for a bit. The terpenes are a little strong of fuel/di...”

  • “Very relaxing but not sedating and helpful with gastritis”

  • “This strain worked amazing for my stomach, I have Crohns & this helps soothe my stomach pain issues like no other! The taste is amazing as well!”

  • “Cronuts #4 9/10 smell, taste, effects total package for whoever needs a boost or to relax and enjoy things for a while. Very strong in every way.”

  • “Just heard of this strain and I’m very thankful. My biggest symptom is horrible nausea and the inability to eat most of the day, complete with awful regret when I DO eat because my stomach doesn’t like that either. Enter Cronuts, or, Cronuts #4 by PTS if you also are picking up your meds at MedMar Lakeview. Pleasant head and body feelings, yet I can still focus and work during the day, which is very important to me. ...”

  • “WAM sells this in El Mirage, AZ. Go check it out if you haven't yet”