Dairy Queen Reviews

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  • “I picked up an eighth of this when i went in to get some eerl because it looked and smelled so incredible. An eighth consisted of 3 buds (I had to weigh it when i got home to make sure). The buds were big, dense, dark green, and frosty with a sweet yet somewhat funky smell. The smoke tasted almost like a cherry creamsicle and was pretty thick. The high was very enjoyable and made me suuuuper creative. After vaping ab...”

  • “I'm a 33 year old newb so this might be good to read...I don't know... Dairy Queen is the most perfect end of the week chill out and relax in the sun strain. I know this because it's the end of the week and I just vaped my first bowl of this strain. I feel very happy and euphoric. My chest feels light, my energy is fantastic, I don't feel like sleeping at all, I just feel good. I'm sitting here typing which mean...”

  • “almost the perfect strain if people would just keep it around! I had this from a first time grower and it was magnificent all the way around. the taste is light and pleasant, the high is long lasting and uplifting while settling nerves and sending bad thoughts away. I could get much keif from it breaking it up over the screen and still get blazed from it. a great daytime strain or for people that want to feel hig...”

  • “As a medical grower, this strain is one of my favorites because of all the great benefits it provides both for me personally and for my patients. It is a high yielding plant but a pain to trim because the buds don't get super huge like some of my other strains. She sure is LOUD though...funky cheese smell that's hard to get off your fingers. Smokes great, very smooth and definitely thick...almost like cherry cheese c...”

  • “Strong dank heavy short buds, come with a pleasent bubble gum and vanilla smell as you break em apart with each snap like a large tree branch. This nutty aroma tastes very different to how it smells very herbal and spiced pepper tar as well as diesel tones. I like dairy queen for its dominant sleepy effects when I am very anxiety and fidget cant calm down then diary queen helps me balance out. Great for pain and inso...”

  • “A single bud won't be as pungent as a full jar. My bud wasn't as pungent. It could have been an older bud on top of a newer batch though. Another reviewer mentioned how important it was to them to have a strain that doesn't cause panic/anxiety/paranoia. I am more prone to anxiety attacks and paranoia than most patients, and certain strains will set me off, whether I'm alone or with people. I did not experience any ...”

  • “Don't remember migraine/nausea scale as I medicated with this strain last night round 2130 or so. Takes 5-10 min to start working. Pain/nausea gone. Tastes like vanilla ice cream with hints of caramel, yum! NO ANIXETY/PARANOIA (an absolute must for me). Head high heavy but not overwhelming. Body high perfect. Not sure if this' an indica dominant or if I was just really tired. Awesome stoner sex with me hubby, yay me!...”

  • “Beautiful light green florets with a frosting of trichomes that looks just as delicious as any DQ Blizzard! Being named after America's favorite 1940's frozen treat stand, this cheesey sweet strain has a unique aroma that brings to mind a creamy cherry gelato with a little extra funk. The sweet flavor mix up continues on the palate where it has an interesting balance between a vanilla sweetness and a earthy cheese ta...”