Dancehall Reviews

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  • “I have chronic pain from degenerative spinal arthritis, which will unfortunately remain with me for my entire life. This strain? Was literally like magic, for me. The relief it gives me is astounding, with only a mild psychoactive effect... The rest is pure relief that casts over my migraines, neck aches, stinging and stabbing back aches and the nausea that comes with chronic 24/7 pain. Dancehall is literally a mira...”

  • “First of all; this bud is Dense! Covered in crystals and purple hues. This is a sativa dominant strain and performs just as advertised. The smell is earthy and somewhat sweet. Very smooth and easy smoke. Fantastic taste when vaped (flower). This is a head-high smoke and in moderation can really increase creativity and can-do attitude. Great for Depression or social anxiety. When smoked in larger quantities, this stra...”

  • “This high quality medicine has allowed me to have a much better quality of life as I suffer from chronic back pain. For some reason this resinous & fragrant boutique flower allows me to take less pain medicine which I have been taking for over 13 years. Quality natural organic medicine!”

  • “This is paired perfectly with coffee to start off your day. It leaves the mind clear and allows for an ability to concentrate on a task at hand. The body is nice and relaxed.”

  • “only tried the vapor with this strain and its my favorite so far. Body more so over heady but great!”

  • “My Favorite! Awesome CBD choice.”

  • “A Nice earthy, berry, taste ... And the smell is exactly the same, paired with a creative high which is great for social relations.”

  • “Best CBD strain by far.”