Dark Blue Dream Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Well last time I did this I was so gone that I was in a deep kush coma if you can't sleep or just wanna trip hard or if you go on a long car ride it's perfect just lock the door lol”

  • “I love it! its just the perfect strain for me, so I know that everyone's different I experienced a smooth calm body high with a relaxing aftermath, it took a minute to kick in but once it did I was on cloud 9!”

  • “Tasty bud but turns me into a total giggle monster. Hard to stay focused or be productie with this strain but super fun for hanging out with friends for a chill night. Not a day time strain for me.”

  • “Love this strain, have it in rosin and co2 oil excellent flavors, some nice euphoria as well a eyes get heavy similar to a nice heavy indica, but unlike indicas it retains much of the blue dream qualities, not a buzzy high, hate those personally, just nice hybrid high, great blueberry undertones, would recommend to most smokers, does have some slight anxiety”

  • “I had the pleasure of coming across some of this amazing stein, truly leaves you in a highly medicated state of mind. One toke sit down, two toke lay down, three toke eat the kitchen. Goodnight”

  • “This is a great day and night strain, however I prefer it for daytime use. I have gotten paranoid before when using it. I get sleepy only after heavy use. The nug is dark green with many orange/ brown hairs. This strain is top quality stuff the only reason I took one star off is because of the slight paranoia.”

  • “I feel very up lifted, energetic, & creative thinking😊”

  • “Easily one of my favorite strains, makes me so happy, and the euphoria is so good. I started laughing at nothing a couple of times and it eliminates depression and anxiety better than my prescription meds. I love it”