Dawg's Waltz Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I first tried this strain at Good Meds on Federal and it was surprisingly one that I would go back for. I recently got my red card and have been trying a few different dispensaries to see which one I like best and which ones have the best product. I was pleasantly surprised that the Dawg Waltz was a good strain that didn't make me feel too sleepy and made me very talkative. It was a pretty calming strain for me and h...”

  • “This is my go-to insomnia strain, also helping pain. I got mine from The healing corner in Bristol, Ct, & since we don't have regular strain names this was Theraplant's Jehana. It's definitely a couch lock strain, so much so I can't believe it's a hybrid. It definitely comes off more indica to me. My strain tested at 25% THC so if you're a beginner, watch out this one definitely creepes up on you. Also munchies are v...”

  • “awoke with bad belly pain, took one toke and now i'm feeling no pain :o) also takes care of my neuropathy in my hands and feet real quick”

  • “Beautiful specimen! tastes AMAZING! High continues to set in long after the sesh is over.”

  • “Happy high. Tingly all over. Not completely couch locked. Made me horny. Euphoric with head and body high. After 2 hours sleep sound really good.”

  • “Tried this strain bc both bud tenders recommended it and for good reason. The high comes on slow but delivers a nice mind buzz with a relaxing tingling body high. Definitely will recommend to my friends.”

  • “Very happy, relaxing high. Tingly. Talkative and deep thinking. This was a great high overall!”

  • “Pleasant surprise- super happy high! Tingles in my knees and toes, couch-lock, but put me in an amazing mood. Gave me very happy high. Good stuff!”