Day Tripper Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I really like this for day time use. Incredibly relaxing uplifting, calming! I only had to take a few hits to feel it!”

  • “This is one I keep coming back to. Smells so good, clean and sweet, and it hits smooth. Really relaxed high, happy and creative. I love it in the morning, but it's great any time!”

  • “Enjoyable enhancement or wellbeing feeling. Awesome activity and day use. Fun to exercise on too, my bike ride back from smoking at the lake was glorious. Time felt both accelerated and slowed done. Feelings of being outside myself at times or in like a video game first person view with a high FOV so you see your arms.”

  • “If you are "veteran" smoker then this guy will give you just a light high. Good for day and will keep you focused”

  • “This gives a really clear headed high. Very mellow, no anxiety, but uplifting and cerebral. Doesn't lock you down like an indica at all, even though the parent strains would make you think so. Logical thinking is very lucid and clear, easy to converse. This bud isn't the strongest I've had, but it is very easy going and fun to do in the middle of the day, as the name would suggest.”

  • “not bad .....4 stars kept me melo ....but yet uplifted while i was in court.....still had a great buzz... didnt have to pay ticket either”

  • “Awsome if you have things to do after a session”

  • “One of the many grams I picked up at The Oregon Grown Gift Shop today was Day Tripper, mostly because it was only $7/gram and I hadn't tried it before. It tested at 21. 18% THC and CBD 1.29%. It smells citrussy and tastes a bit like metallic grapefruit, and it left a buttery taste in my mouth after the exhale.Nice! I feel some sensation in the top back of my head and I feel the energizing effects of this sativa dom...”