Deadhead OG Reviews

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  • “This is a fun strain to consume in casual situations with friends, but in my experience would prefer not to use when work is needed to be done or focus is required. The effects I felt were an elevated mood, mild-to-strong body tingles and pain replacement (where any mild ache is replaced by a more enjoyable tingling sensation), and a classic, spacey head high. When conversing with others there was a tendency during t...”

  • “Very fruity flower tasting musky a little Skunky, the strain is really great if you're looking for a not so overpowering had a not so overpowering body this is good for a lot of energetic more creative mind inducing. I would say there is a little bit of pain relief but mostly it's all mental deadhead is really good for getting out of the house and just uplifting your mood. This strain is different from the ones I've ...”

  • “Deadhead OG with emphasis on "OG." Rated five stars for its stimulating energy burst, and a slow to develop body relaxation. Deadhead is fast acting, and the OG doesn't defer too long before relaxation begins. I recommend this strain for late afternoon pick-me-ups, post-workout relaxation, stretching or yoga. I've experienced that when it comes to this strain, a little goes a long way. Enjoy!”

  • “Hands down, my favorite strain and I've tried a lot. It's a preference but it's also because it's so damn good. I enjoy the overall experience -- taste, smoke, smell, buzz, medicinal effects -- when smoking "Deadhead" OG Kush." I use primarily to get a good night's sleep. There's no other strain that works better for getting really good sound sleep. It's also great for just unwinding after a long day. It really...”

  • “I love this strain. It was pretty potent, even for my high tolerance. Amazing pain relief, and definitely a night time med because it knocked me out! No real downsides, other than the normal dry mouth and munchies. Easy to hold in, and not a taste that's bad enough to keep you away from it. (again, I'm not a smoker who can appreciate the taste or smell.) Definitly a good strain!!!”

  • hi2

    “A pleasant, mild, clear headed high. Choose if you're in the mood to be fully functional and high as well. Would probably be a nice intro strain for your friends who are new to cannabis.”

  • “This strain is a rising star about to tip the charts right side up.. The smell for starters is skunky, danky, with a twist of punge.. Their hoick trichome little boners can be seen by the naked eye with clusters of frost and sugar on the side.. Its hue's of greens and purple oranges glow like little fire flies sparkling their ways up here to Canada day!! Chemdawg Another known Aliase was the m...”

  • “This strain is great very potent, the dead head i have seems to be the more chem pheno the bud reeks and tasted of chemdawg. The smell is very strong it would take 4 to 5 ziplock bags to keep the smell of your car without a doubt, the taste is awesome very chronic tasting slightly sweet With a hint of spiciness. The high comes on rather slow its a creeper but very sativa nice and euphoric it makes your body tingle an...”