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Diesel Duff Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Nice body relaxing high”

  • “Hit me fast after a couple hits, I may have been a minute into the buzz before I realized it. Short term memory is certainly effected but not in the way I experienced previously. Time seems to slow down significantly in that my thoughts take less time than usual. I thought of The Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley and understood what he had been explaining throughout the entire book. If you work over the shor...”

  • “A wonderful hybrid consisting of 90% Sativa and 10% Indica; Mexican Sativa crossed with Chemdawg. Definitely more of a daytime strain that's great for any anxiety or stress I might have, also, I really want to go to the beach :)”

  • “Alpha Diesel strain. Pleasant to vape. Crisp feel/taste with cool kick at end. A solid sativa feel left me clear-headed in a good mood with motivation to get some things done (all while enjoying doing those things.) But able to tune it down. This could be a good daytime med. go-to. Not great for sleeping.”

  • “Tried it at a coffee shop in Amsterdam. It was a good euphoric giggly high, but when I went to dinner I got a bit of paranoia at the restaurant. That could have just been because our waiter was creepy as fuck.”

  • “Pretty Good head high and great for relaxing days. Really mellow high with a hint of euphoria. Being a PTSD victim I recommend it for mellow wake and bakes. I had it in Co2 extracted crumble form. Good flavor but thats to be with all low temp Co2 wax.”

  • “This is a great mellower. Doesn't hit you on the head. but creates a "peaceful easy feeling". Great for 4:20.”

  • “I enjoy this strain. It's a very relaxing high that leaves you feeling euphoric and very thoughtful. My only problem with this strain is it's more of a "chill weed" and it leaves me feeling more lazy than creative. Great strain for smoking before bed if theres something on your mind or there's something you've been stressed out about.”